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Company name: Changzhou Beichuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Chairman of the Board: Chairman Hiroshi Kitagawa

Founding: June 18, 2012 (2012)

Annual performance: 120 million RMB (actually not taxed in 2019)

Workshop area: 9000 square meters

Commercial products: automobile stamping sheet metal parts, welding parts, riveting parts. Segway's 

sheet metal products and cold forged products

Company name: Kitagawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Founding: January 10, Showa 31 (1956)

Representative: Chairman and General Manager Hiroshi Kitagawa

Business items: Manufacture and sales of metal processing products such as automotive parts (59%), 

rivets, screws, and parts for housing equipment and industrial equipment (other 41%)

Introduction to introduction: Joyson (formerly Takata) has a history of more than 40 years. Delivery

 quantity: actual results of more than 1,000 pieces

Headquarters: 577-0016 Higashi-Osaka Mayor Tannishi 3-chome 4 Fan 23

Telephone: 06-6745-8886

Fax: 06-6745-7055

E-mail (representative): info@kitagawa-mfg.com

Hikone Office: 522-0046405 Kanrocho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture

Telephone: 0749-25-1139

Fax: 0749-25-3265

E-mail (representative): hikone@kitagawa-mfg.com

All Rights Reserved Copyright(C)2013-2014 Changzhou Kitagawa MFG., Co., Ltd.
ADD:Hongxing village Qianhuang Town Wujin Zone Changzhou City TEL0519-86282128 FAX0519-86282728
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